the ring we deserve

The first time I saw and met you, I was sure that you are the one.
But was it my heart without sense or with sense?
I get beaten down, worn out, and defeated at least once a day just for you.
That’s ok. Being lost is a fine place to be.
I just want us both to be allowed free,
for me to be in love with you and you crazy in love with me.
I don’t believe in finish lines because “Us” – we have a never-ending story.
But it seems, we haven’t started yet.
They say that I might misuse you,
They say you and your essence are addictive which might lead to distractions.
They are scared of our togetherness and,
They don’t realize how precious you are.
I never wished for diamond rings because I wanted you to be my ring just like my shield.
The only Ring I wanted to wear was you.

Well well well, what do you think which Ring do we deserve? A wedding Ring? But what about Life before the wedding?

Are you sure that life is amazing with your soulmate, friends, family, and most importantly with yourself?

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel as if I’m going through something intense currently. I feel thunder ripple through my bones and I taste lightning on my tongue. There is no storm, but I look toward the horizon and wonder what’s headed my way. I channel a lot of emotions into my head, especially when I am not able to put them into words.

How wonderful it would be If you have someone in your life that takes a towel and wipes away the fog of life from your eyes, that is a very rare good thing. That’s why the missing starts long before they have gone. Some people bring clarity.

Do you know what I am exactly missing? Any guesses?

And it’s ok if you have no clarity.

I am not expecting anyone to understand me as well because all of us are caught in Human pieces of stuff.

Sometimes these emotions just fail to understand human kinds of stuff and forget that each one of us is going through something.

Ask me what I did right yesterday and I will mumble around for a few minutes without really saying anything.

Ask me what I did wrong yesterday and I will deliver a thirty-minute speech detailing everything that I messed up with a precise description. Oh come on, I am made of human stuff and that is complicated.

Ask me… No, ask “Are you happy or Are you lost?”.

Maybe the person won’t be ready to open up but at least he/she might feel good. After all, we all understand Human stuffs.

Now, let’s stay away from others.

Let’s focus on the ring which I desperately want and all of us deserve to have.

Remember this Ring is crafted with love, understanding, self-control, curiosity, pain, purpose, self-respect, and lessons.

It is called the Ring from Freedom – Freedom of the mind which is earned and not achieved easily.

As you got the “clarity” (which we usually don’t have in and for us) that the ring which we all deserve is the Freedom of the mind.

What does Freedom really mean?

What does it look, sound, and feel like?

Are you thinking about moving away from everyone, responsibilities, and just running off?

Not at all. There are people in our lives that are true lights, few hurt, teach or help. That’s an amazing gift.

Life isn’t meant to be lived completely on our own but definitely being a support system of our own and you really can’t trust people around when it’s about your life. Being alone, walking alone might feel easier at times. I get it. That’s how it works for me as well. But you don’t learn alone, you just realize.

One minute I want to build a cabin in the middle of nowhere and talk to no one, and the next minute I am missing the people I love and care about. It’s about balance.

So what is Ring from Freedom of the mind? Perhaps it is a willingness to listen to your heart and help your mind not get lost in useless thoughts.

How about not controlling your mind so much and just setting it free?

Your mind gets the freedom to think whatever it wants – positive, negative, bullshits…allow your mind to think.

Don’t control your mind so much that it goes into the denial zone.

Why is the earth irregularly shaped ellipsoid?

Why I don’t have a plan?

Why do I overthink?

Why do I care so much?

Do I want to be angry?

Do I want to be that person?

 Couldn’t I be better?

Why did this happen to me?

What is happening out there in space?

Just STOP. Allow your mind to feel what it wants to feel and think what it wishes to. Just let your mind get the freedom.

You will realize how careless our mind is after all it doesn’t have the heart. It is carefree and emotionless. It just thinks and forgets. It’s that simple until your heart comes into the picture.

Your little heart gives the emotions to your thoughts and that’s when the “mess” word was discovered I guess. Never mind.

If you think you have a caring heart then show some care to your mind by giving it a ring filled with freedom. Don’t allow your heart to play with your thoughts so much that your mind ends up getting hurt. It truly needs freedom.

Freedom of the mind is the ring we deserve.


Ok, let’s keep this casual, just like some random conversation.

How many of you have felt the power of nothingness?

Let’s feel it right away,

When someone is upset and there is “nothing” you can do.

When you know “nothing” about the subject you are working on.

When you wish to do “nothing” despite having plenty of work.

When you are bored thinking about “Nothingness” every day.

When the realization hits that we have been doing “nothing” for years.

Our bodies crave a time when we step back from all the stressing and actually stop thinking and that’s when we are desperate for “nothingness”.

When your hard work results in “nothing”.

When you have “nothing” to wear from your closet.

When you scroll through social media’s feed or Netflix watching “nothing”.

When you plan to do “nothing” during weekends.

Sometimes we feel that love or relationship means “nothing”.

When we listen to class traveling to the world of “nothingness”.

We get jealous of someone rich who owes “nothing”.

There is “nothing” called permanent.

When there is “nothing” left in your fridge. How are you gonna cook?

Online Shopping means “nothing” without any special offer.

Life is “nothing” without good friends and understanding family.

When you sit on your couch, thinking to kill your time but end up doing “nothing”.

When your boss is frustrated and takes out on you. What do you feel like? Yelling? But you end up doing “nothing”.

Ok, I guess that’s enough. I am tired of thinking about perfect sentences with “nothing” words in them and having “nothing” left in my mind.

Well, everything has a good side, bad side and is also filled with the sweetness of nothingness. Ever had that moment when you just wish for an hour or two of nothing but the sound of the ocean on the beach — or simply nothing at all? I’m sure I’m not alone in this. Whatever it is, we need more moments of nothingness in our lives, because in that nothingness we take back control over our lives and discover what we truly don’t need — things that are clogging up our minds and lives.

Let’s take a few common scenarios yet uncommon perspectives of nothingness.

I met someone special on my birthday who meant nothing but helped me to unravel the hidden character in me. I turned into a different person, everything in and around me turned into an art. Who was the artist? The most talkative and experienced person I ever met who lives without regrets and is satisfied with his job, life, and decisions he takes. He is a cab driver and I was just his passenger who was enjoying his stories.

Listening to him was bliss, inspiring and sweet.

When Silence met nothingness that’s when a good listener stepped in. Did I do anything? Nah, nothing. I was just listening to an old man who seemed desperate to share his experiences.

So, what did I get from him? He taught me to be a good listener, empathetic, and learn from others’ good or bad decisions. Well, that’s the sweetness of doing nothing.

Being a good listener is a kind of donation and people without a good listener are orphans. Chill, you are not. There is always the inner you, who understands like no one else and who is always listening to you. You aren’t alone. You have a listener who doesn’t just lend ears but also connects with you.

 Listening can feel at times like a lost art, maybe because we are communicating so much more electronically. That’s too bad because being a good listener can help you in every aspect of your life – with family and friends, and with your colleagues at work. Listening to someone doesn’t cost you anything, it’s just nothing, it’s just the sweetness of doing nothing. Trust me listening to others in silence is a win-win situation because a person gets a sweet listener and you get the sweetness out of it through their experiences and learnings.

Being stressed out nowadays is so common it’s not even funny. It’s so easy for us to overwork ourselves in our attempts to be extraordinary – which is where nothingness comes into play. In this case, what is the sweetness of doing nothing? Most of the time I have tons of work on my to-do list and a few in my head but the damn mood doesn’t allow me to complete any of them that becomes frustrating, usually, I choose to do nothing.

I choose to not complete work for others and it’s ok,

I choose to not think about anyone and it’s ok,

Somedays, it’s ok if I choose to be myself,

It’s ok to leave the tasks incomplete and do nothing.

When your life doesn’t go as planned. Just do nothing, stop thinking, and wait so that the infinite loop towards nothingness stops.

When you choose nothingness that’s when you get the sweetness.

Obviously, you might feel that the incomplete work might bring your job at risk, but over -stressing yourself can also put you inside the pit filled with the bad side of nothingness. Maybe you manage to fulfill others’ wishes but what about your wishes and priorities. Oh please don’t tell me that you love your work because even if your passion is a profession still there is a competition and that brings your desire towards nothingness at some point in time. So, what is the sweetness out of this?

You notice the reality when you switch off everything in and around you. Allow yourself to be bored for a little and to sit in nothingness. The spark of it allows you to discover the truth and helps you to move towards a solution.

Well, what exactly is the sweetness of doing nothing?  You simply sit and count how many cars are passing by,

You prefer to listen to the music of nature, the calm sea, and the relaxing sound of waves,

Or just lie down observing your life moving faster towards nothingness, feeling the pain in your heart, you just cry out loud, you feel stuck and overthink.

All of these lead to the sweetness of nothingness – One, when you distract yourself from reality and just choose to spend time with yourself that’s when you discover the solutions to your problem because you detach yourself from this confusing world filled with different opinions, ultimately it’s just you and everything is in you.

Two, we say overthinking is bad but why do we overthink? It’s the art of creating new problems in our heads. When we do nothing, we overthink but it’s ok to feel complete what you wish to feel. How long will you discover problems? One day you have to come back to reality and realize that your situation is far better than in your head. The realization is the sweetness out of doing nothing.

Surprisingly, doing nothing allowed me to see what actually needed to be done. I had a better idea of what I should do and how it should be done. Doing things wrong is just as bad as not doing them at all. I was able to find the sources of the chaos when I put everything down. I had so much in my hands that it was hard for me to locate the problem. It wasn’t until I took a moment and did not think about any of it to realize this.

There’s beauty in simplicity because of what’s not there.

So, what is your plan for today? How about doing nothing?


You are terrific only when you choose to walk along with me.

You better start to believe that there is something beyond me that influences you.

Hey, Can you hear me? Just stop being so scary. Remember once people start to notice you in me that would be good for you.

My friends die waiting for you, cry thinking about you, endlessly attempt to figure out the perfect path to reach you, forcing all their energy to get you but if you choose to groove on my beat then I bet, you will be loved and respected.

If you want to reach your desired destination, you need to surrender to me, no matter how difficult it is but still, it is good for you.

I am good for you. Come on, accept it.

It’s not the end goal that makes you, it’s just me getting there that actually shapes you.

Dear Result,

You are unpredictable,
You are the pain and sometimes joy,
You are the motivation but sometimes take away the determination,
You are the passion and goal but,
Who am I to others?

Why do people hide from me?
Comfort is too predictable for this precious world we live in and,
Predictability is impossible in this fragile world we live.

They ignore me because I am tough, practical and,
have never felt my company,
It is here where dreams live,
It is here where possibilities are endless and,
It is here where all are meant to be.

I show darkness so that you grow wise enough to walk into the light,
I challenge you with unexpected situations because the breaking is your new opening,
I close all the doors around you so that you can build your door,
I help you too but you never choose me.
This isn’t good for you.

If you don’t agree to walk with me then let the fire lead you to uncertainty,
But remember there is no recovery when people choose you.
You are precious just like diamonds but I am the only source of cut to design you.

The proposal is mine but the choice is yours.
Trust me, breaking yourself to walk with me is good for you.

The Process

How many of you judge the situations based on the outcome and not the process?

We judge the quality of a product decision on whether the product was well received in the market, rather than the quality of the process that led to the decision in the first place.

Let me take a simple example, we get attracted by looks first but not the character. Few are born to maintain their beauty and few are just in the process to look attractive. Now, will you appreciate someone who is already attractive or the one who is working hard?

We all have an intention to follow the trend looking at the ultimate result that a random person has achieved. Did you notice the process? Did you analyze the challenges he/she had to face to get the desired result? The journey of life and its decisions are unique for each of us. So, it’s important to believe in the process and the outcome.

Society teaches us that to be successful, you need to get results.

However, society doesn’t always emphasize that to get the best results, you need to focus more on the process. 

And not only will focusing more on the process get you the results you are looking for, but it will also make you a whole lot happier because you are living in the moment and also you get to learn a lot from the process.

Life is mysterious, few get the achievements, and the rest get stuck within the process but these are the most experienced ones. It is easy to judge people with their accomplishments but give a shot appreciating those who are working day and night improving themselves within the process.

Focusing on the process makes pursuing your goal more enjoyable. 

Focusing on the process is much more encouraging. 

That is because you are focused on the small, individual components of your goal.

It is important to realize that all our goals, plans, and journeys are different. It isn’t necessary to copy others just by looking at their achievements, it is important to get inspired through their journey.

Being true to yourself is good for you.

Little Low, Little high !!!

Hey Lady,

I am with you, We are together,
What else do you need?

We can face these little low and highs,
if you can make one heap and risk one turn of pitch.

We will lose together,
and start again at your new beginnings but,
promise me that you will never think about your loss.

So just hold on when there is nothing good going on.

Little High, Little Low,
stay calm until you are blown.

You need not prove anyone anything,
there is something that happens when you choose to be yourself.

Never lose the person that you have worked so hard to discover and grow.
It feels incredible to just stay with you. Do you feel the same?

I understand you,
admire your true self,
appreciate that you just need me,
but I am the little bitch, 
Excuse me I am not good at expressing myself.

Let me tell you that the hope and strength that keeps you moving is my love,
the smile and happiness you get is my love,
the sense of fulfillment you are feeling right now is my love,
every chance you get is my love,
I am everywhere in every form with you.

Don't just search or think about me,
come let's dance in the tune of my favourite song - 'Little High, Little Low'

Don't you dare feel lonely,
there are thoughts of calmness within you.
Just breathe in and listen to it.

I might not connect with you using strong wifi,
but you can feel me through the fresh air around you.
Oops hard to find fresh air these days right?

Did you hear me? Nah, you are too busy searching me when I am just here with you. Isn't it?

Oh my Little Girl,

Thank You for singing my favourite song and I can see your little moves...
Sing with me,
"Little High, Little Low,
Sometimes enjoyment and sometimes sorrow,
but still be grateful that you have tomorrow"

Hello? Can you hear me?

Ah, I hear you...
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Little High, Little Low, All the way I was blown. Not enjoyment and not sorrow, but still I have tomorrow.

It was grassy and mysterious, I doubted if I can ever come back, I shall be telling this with pride that I chose the path less travelled by, and that makes all the difference.

Little High, Little Low, Oh dear life, what are you upto now?

You challenge me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, but then teach me to nurture strength of spirit to shield myself in sudden misfortune.

Little high, little low, I don’t have time to stand and stare alone.

Why the world is just eager for future and not the present, it yearns for more power and not the laughter.

Oh dear life, trust me, I just compared you with the mountains I climbed on.

Ah, pause for you.

A stream of love, heart and light.

Little high, little low.

Oh dear life, please be kind.

I love you as much as I love being around the mountains but these hills echo and your voice is low.

From this green earth, of all mighty world, the language of the sense, and through the anchor of my purest thoughts I finally heard you.

I guess?

Did I hear you right?

Little low, little high, Is this always the song of my life?


You need to stop thinking, Alright? 
There are changes you are going through but trust me, it's just part of your life.
Don't you dare to pull yourself down?

It doesn't need to make sense to everyone if it makes sense to you. It's your choice, the rest is just noise. You had enough, now it's all about holding on to your good memories, leaving your closed ones to fly and accept the reality.

Do you need some time for yourself? Time is all your sweetheart. That isn't being selfish or weak, that's being human. You will be happier for being the real you and to others.

You are carrying unnecessary weights within your chest, you move a little slower, that's just as it should be. People who carry and share so much love need time to recharge and fill their spirits back up.

Why do you wonder so much? About you, About others...

You believe there is something beyond the seven wonders of the world. It's unexplainable, right? Well, that is the Wonder Of Life. Please don't just sit back thinking about wonders in you that lead to overthinking. Just invest in exploring.

Do you wonder about your emotions?  then trigger it.
Do you wonder about your irritation? then just feel it to the fullest and move on.
Are you confused? then just let go, stop thinking about it, and allow it to fall in the right place.

We all have this called "Kindness". A word of encouragement, an authentic smile, willingness to listen but never forget that we all need a bit of help or something in return. Isn't it human nature? Give your best to those who respect and know your worth.

You need not change yourself, but don't forget the world has already changed so you need to be a little careful before you give your love, time, and most importantly the real you.

We all have a hunger to be moved, to be engaged, fascinated by the universe, and to take pleasure in it. We have a desire to be amazed and to feel fully alive.

Lately, I have been wondering about the changes that occurred in my life, how I built myself, accepted the challenges on my way, and tackled the negativity in and around me.

I wonder how my prayers changed from “Gift me and my family happiness”, “Make my way easy” to “Give me and my family the strength to stand on our feet when in problems”, “Stop us from being excessively proud when surrounded by success”.

I wonder about the fluffy white clouds floating and taking up a shape in the perfect blue sky. I wonder what my life and its purpose are. I sometimes feel new and proud, sometimes useless, and need to hate.

I wonder how I have kept myself constant in this fast-changing world.

I wonder how people change when they have got the best version of themselves and they remind me of the struggles I had to face to reach the real me or let’s say my perception is wrong. I haven’t got the best version of myself like most of them around me.

I would rather have a mind opened by wonder than one closed by belief. We just need to reawaken it in ourselves, nourish and experience it.

Legacy of wonder taught me to be honest with myself, learn from experiences, document my feelings then & now and write a self-appreciation note. 

Take some time to amuse yourself with the wonder you experienced as a child. Allow yourself to visit your world today opening to wonder, though it may be of an entirely different nature than you experienced back then.

 A Legacy of wonder is like an investment for yourself.

Wired to you.

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To say goodbye is to die a little,
To say goodbye is to welcome the "new you",

You are spine-tingling, constant in my life, and like a new start.
You inspire me to move on with a bucket full of memories and a hope for better future.

You are a surprise and I am glad that you prefer to be the one.
You are the beginning and end.

I am wired to you.

You are part of my journey, an instructor, a plan maker, sometimes positive and at other times painful.
I hate when most of your plans go against mine and find it hard to leave when you are by my side.

There is no goodbye between us, it's always your strategy to make me better. 
Is "better" the right word?

Dear Change,

Please come with exciting adventures next time for me. Allow me to make the connection stronger between us so that you never have to change yourself for me.
I am wired to you. To say goodbye is to die a little.

Yours Lovingly,
Dreamer from her comfort zone.

Do you feel the fear of change? That excitement towards uncertainty feels similar to the new beginnings in our brains.

Is it natural to feel the adrenaline rush? Do you wish to remain in your comfort zone? Well, Life doesn’t allow that.

Leaving my comfort zone is like telling sayonara to my home. By the time we accept and settle with a change, it immediately leaves and arrives with a new face.

Neuroscience has shown that fear of change is normal and is called Metathesiophobia. Anxiety, depression, pain, and stress are common symptoms.

Why do we fear change? When we don’t know what will happen, we makeup scenarios and in turn create worry. Trying something new becomes a risk.

It takes courage and action to move towards a path of positivity and think of beneficial outcomes.

It’s necessary to work towards a mindset that can welcome and embrace change.

Now, How to accept a change?

I remember, “A Change” knocked on my door when I was in the worst phase of my life. It was easy to move towards it because I wished to. What if the change arrives when you are in your comfort zone and just wish to stay?

It’s hard to move on. Isn’t it?

But, it’s our choice whether to accept, adapt or struggle with the change.

Changes in life make us stronger. When we grab the opportunity to come out of our comfort zone, it shows our preparedness to cope with tougher times. Align your expectations, be realistic, honest with yourself, never expect, and always be prepared for life to suddenly change.

Change is an opportunity to understand and discover yourself.







Happy Weekend Readers 🙂


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They say love insanely and I went into it blindly,
They say love is a promise to the world and I fell for it. 

They made and built me,
I loved the outer self and ignored the inner self.
I lost myself and they lost me.

I hate the theory of love and respect which made me insane in its own way,
They say that the path of love is magical and a gift but,
I say why to choose it when you can’t be the best version of yourself with it.

Respect is part of love,
Self-love is part of self-respect and,
Losing respect might be insane but choosing self-respect is having puissance.

What is Love? Love is when you meet, explore and accept your true self with confidence.
No matter whom, what, or when you meet.
It can be the difficult time of your life which unites with your inner self,
It can be self-realization, or the magical moment,
It can be a satisfying relationship or a breakup,
It can be the moment you meet your soulmate or closed ones,
It can be the bad memories or a loss which unites with your inner self.
What matters the most? Isn’t it a realization? 

Accepting the situations and being thankful to get your true self out of them is a deal that you should fix with all the challenges of your life. Your actions towards any state of affairs are the form of love and gift from destiny.

I am thankful for the hidden power which took me to despondent situations and united me with my true self. It created beauty out of pain. Those days when I got the difference between real and fake. Those moments when I realized and understood my mistakes. The truth about why I am living.

Do you ever wonder why things have to turn out the way they do?

On days of frustration, it’s more of “why we haven’t figured it all out”.

On the good days, you feel that purpose in your bones, and most of the time, we feel no purpose at all.

Do you fear hurting people? Do you worry about never amounting to be significant in relationships?

Do you respect, prioritize others a lot, and then regret losing yourself?

I did the same and lost myself somewhere in this chaotic society. I worried more about others thoughts than mine. But, it was part of my destiny to get me and a chance to be insane in my own way. I didn’t allow anyone to blindfold me anymore.

I chose intoxicating insanity. I didn’t care when none understood the way I turned and that was just fine because I planned to build myself – the true me.

I wasn’t scared to bring back the intoxicating insanity attitude in me. I chose me and destiny helped me. I learned how to fit in with time and patience. Destiny taught me to keep going with my “insanely crazy” attitude.

I am proud to choose the intoxicating insanity – the inner me.

I started to believe in the hidden power that is destiny. It is something that makes you take action, inspires, and finds the real you. It’s an adventure which we might hate in the beginning but leads you to become the image of your imagination.

I am proud to choose the intoxicating insanity – the inner me.

This was my little journey of exploring myself with the help of hidden power and self- realization. Did you ever feel the power of destiny?

Rust on the soul

I can feel the stars twinkling above me as she narrates about the good night. When most are asleep, we lie awake, waiting for the dawn to break. Sometimes she feels lonely, unable to handle the sea wave's roar in her ears, and then I feel the warmth of her hug. Awww Mummy!!! Would you mind if you and I took a little time to find each other?  Maybe we could tickle dad and stop him from snoring. I wish to see the world outside and spend time with those people dad talks about. I can't wait anymore...Why do you both order me to stay here? I feel lonely...Call the doctor and take me out from your so-called baby bump and it's my order.

It feels like Rust on the Soul.

He will ruin my dreams, put a block in the road of success and promise the world full of hurt. Is teen love real? I wished for happy tears. I get more fear that changes into phobias. Where is he? Maybe he is confused about us. Those moments felt so real but it was all a trick. I am still searching for my affection towards him and trying hard to prove that teen love means something special. Should I stop waiting for his messages? and move on with the life I have been waiting for...Will he come back or is it just another stupid love elders talk about?

It feels like Rust on the Soul.

Planning to be that person I always thought I was on the verge of becoming. In college, the post-college adult person was always looming in front of me, smarter, stronger, and more organized. What is my plan? Hmmm...I find it hard to answer. I never imagined my future nor planned anything. Is it alright? I don't know what my passion is nor where my profession will take me. I work well when I am in good mood. Is this weird? My plan is to figure out what my passion is and make it my profession or use my passion to survive with my profession. Does this sound good? Panning is like waiting for it to come true. What if it doesn't? We work out another plan and somewhere we lose to live in present.

Waiting for your plans to come true feels like Rust on the Soul.

Oh dear lord, save me from old age. I have been busy fulfilling wishes for my children and now look at me. Do I look happy? Yes, I am satisfied with what I achieved in my life - from figuring out my desires to after retirement perfect plan, everything seemed like a roller-coaster ride but now it seems grown-ups don't pay attention to me. It was fun to spend time carrying out all my duties towards work and family. Motherhood is like revisiting all the phases of your life.

Waiting to get someone to share my thoughts out and invitation from the god of death feels like Rust on the Soul.

Well, Did you get any similarities between these synopses? It’s a game that never ends.

How many more days until Friday? Don’t you remember waiting for the bell to ring so that we could escape and go home for the evening?

We are always waiting for the time to pass. As an infant, we started looking forward to stepping into the new world.

What is next? Waiting for eye contact with your crush, was it college, some exciting news, getting a job? Guess, what followed us? The waiting game.

We are waiting for something to be over so that we can experience a new beginning. Whether it is to count the years of service or start looking forward to retirement, it’s all part of the waiting game, and then at last what are we waiting for? Is it Death?

Having to wait for news is hard as it determines over next steps. Waiting carries with it a host of difficult feelings such as uncertainty, anxiety, worrying, and impatience. Do you realize that we are spending time just by waiting?

Will we start to feel things differently? This is where I want to be. Right here and right now.

This Waiting game feels like Rust on the Soul but the game of life strengthens your soul.








Hey folks, Hope my thoughts were relatable. Please do leave your suggestions below. Have a great week ahead.


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This new year with all my heart, I choose to psych myself up and move on with learnings.

Days come and go,
Months come and go,
Years come and go,
Sometimes we choose to be productive or allow the time to flow just like lazy weekends.

Some days we feel good, we wish to hug everyone around, everything looks magical, and every tiny problem turns out to be an opportunity.

Outside the window, the day looks bright with golden sunshine, blue sky, and pleasant wind. Why the hell do we get so happy?

We turn as a good motivator, we feel like solutions are within our soul, and everything makes sense.

Some days we feel empty, useless, and pathetic. The ticking sound of the clock turns scary and stressful. We become anxious about everything.

When nothing goes our way, all attempts fail, the darkest clouds in the sky seem bent on hovering over us while everyone looks satisfied with their lives.

These Days are where we live, 
We carry a few moments with us for better tomorrow,
They come, they wake us;
Days and Days over.

Months pass by solving a few questions and creating another,
Years pass by... Ah, life seems to be on a loop.

Some days we admire the beauty of dawn, dusk, and star-swept nights.
Some days we lay down confused, search for stars when the night is darkest, hear the thrush's song, and the music dies in us.

Some days you will break into a million pieces, feel a fire in your chest as if the whole world is burning.

Do you know that all our sufferings and celebrations are not constant?

Days never stop, nothing stays except the memories and moments.

Every Moment becomes part of our journey – The Journey of Life.

What is Journey? What does it mean to you?

Remember, If you have a journey, you have a perspective.

It's not about being happy all the time or being sure of all your choices. It's about knowing that life is precious and that our days are meaningful.

Never forget your journey, the place you are from, and the moments which lead to your present.

When focusing on a big task, it's easy to think that the goal is everything. But it's not, because it's not even about the goal, it's about the journey. If a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step then nothing can stop you from starting.

It's important to remember your past and pick up the learnings for your better future.

Don’t we know all these? Don’t we know that journey is important?

But, we are too busy to react to our conditions rather than noting down the learnings from our journey. It’s easy to say but it isn’t tough to practice either.

It’s just about paying attention to the present, overall journey, and keeping yourself busy. Every second and experience is part of your journey.

The person you become along the way, the skills acquired, the connections made, and the inner growth which takes place.

This new year with all my heart, I choose to psych myself up and move on with learnings.






Hey readers, hope my random thoughts were relatable…Happy New Year 🙂


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Illustrating an intimate scene is not my thing. I never felt stupid before…until the moment he stood right before my eyes. Trust me, I closed my eyes like an idiot, and sharing every moment will help me to heal.  Hell yeah, I was hurt.

Why did he steal my first kiss? He didn’t mean anything to me.
Was it good or bad? Am I overthinking about this? Never mind, it was my first after all.

        I had merely wished to look at his face.
       I felt the rush of helplessness and the tide of warmth.
      It was spontaneous and I stood still around the woods with a question – Why me?
     Though it didn’t feel right, something about him made me laugh and brought the faith    
     in magic back.

We wish our first kiss to be special, memorable, and authentic. When you are hiking and then both of you stand near the cliff and gaze out at the wonderful scenery in front of you. He just says “You’re beautiful” and then a moment builds up.

We all dream about perfect pictures, eye contact from the crush, and are always ready to hold 11 roses in front of a flawless person to see the 12 most beautiful things in the world.

Even I was one of the dreamer until he stole my first kiss.

“That was my first kiss!” I yelled but he just left smiling.

He was some beautiful, blundering idiot and was the clumsiest I had ever met.

I was nothing,
I was everything,
What was I doing? Chills ran over my skin, and fire burnt inside me.
What is Kiss? Ask me…

It was a nightmare, stillness, rhythm, and breathing.

He left a scar on my lip, it burnt, and I cursed.

                Kiss should kill the worries in your heart and mind,
                Bloom flowers in your belly,
                Makes your heart quiver,
                Deploys every emotion into the palms of Euphoria.

But a tiny mosquito stole my first kiss. My lips swelled and I remained shocked.

Well, I agree it’s weird to even share these stupid thoughts but kiss is a kiss after all.

Can I count this as my First kiss? Mosquito bites are only for special people (Single People).