She was someone, who had a Glamorous arrival with a hope of Fabulous Survival.

She was the one of a kind, who grew with a Positive Attitude and Practical Thoughts.

She was the one who wanted to live more and more. She never cared for the most difficult hurdles on her way.

She was someone, who was born with a determination to lead her beautiful life by spreading love and care.

woman sits on mountain under cloudy sky at sunset
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She was the one of a kind, who believed that knowledge is power and Learning has no age bar.

She was the one, who was consistent and updated herself with the passing generation.

Though she had no chance of educating herself, she was never taught Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Zoology etc…..etc….. But still she knew how to apply it only just by experiencing or going through the various kinds of situation.

She has taught me to work only with present forgetting the  past. She is my role model because she knew the way to handle all the situations patiently and without breaking anyone’s heart.

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She has indirectly conveyed me that the serious sin you can ever make is by taunting out with other’s weak point.

She was a perfect home-maker, who knew how to hold her family tight only using a strong thread of faith, honesty and love.

Though she was a matured lady with loads of responsibilities but she never let her inner child disappear. This she proved me when i observed her behaving literally like a child while watching Cartoons with a kid. Genuinely, she was learning English. Though she was not strong in English Language, but her talent of Picture or Video interpretation helped her to learn the language.

A Women so graceful, so fine and beautiful. My Great-Grandmother, there is no one like you.

She was a Great Mother and Great-Grandmother. In fact, she has played her each and every role with perfection.

She was a Family Manager, Home Economist, Home Engineer and Lady of the House who worked or gave service all free of cost.

She was the Mother Teresa of our Family.Image may contain: 1 person, smiling

Though she is Physically absent but, her Teachings, Thoughts and Social Services continues to exist. 

She is one of a kind who never lived in the Shadows of People’s Judgement. My Great-Grandmother made her own choices in the light of her own Wisdom.

She was someone who was never dependent on her Surname. Honestly, I call her a Strong Women.

Though it’s one year since she has left me. But still, she is alive in my Heart coz i know that Good-Bye is never a final one.

I miss you a lot Lovely Didi !!!!!! Please come back, again as a Strong Woman.

I know, i am still your lovely little girl and you are my Lovely Didi. You will always be my best friend coz you have taught me that Real Friendship has no age barriers.

Thank you for being the kindest Woman in my life…………. 








Thank You Awesome readers for connecting with my thoughts. Please leave ur comments below that will help me to improve and yes don’t forget to share ur role model. Eagerly waiting for ur comments……….



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